Bestmed Road Rangers


Since 2010 Road Rangers have been actively involved in providing professional marshalling services at a number of cycling events and tours.
Typical Services offered:
  • Closed Road Cycle Races
  • Partial Road Closure Cycle Races
  • Cycle Tours (road)
  • Mountain Bike Races
  • Safety and Medical – Road Rangers are not MEDICS and only some are first aid qualified (this is not a primary focus)
    Cyclists safety on the road is the primary goal (cyclists must heed warnings), in the event of an incident the Road Rangers first goal is securing the scene thereafter other assistance will be provided as best as possible
  • Road Rangers provide the service to the cyclists of closing intersections, controlling intersections and managing danger zones
  • Road Rangers provide a service the motorists by ensuring safe passage past pelotons of cyclists as quickly as possible
  • Road Rangers work closely with the Commissaires (CSA) of the events to provide quick feedback and control of the competitors (time gaps etc.), convoys and general public
Bestmed Road Rangers

Road Rangers following the final rider home at the end of another successful event.

A few examples of marshalling services provided are as follows:
  • Dischem half marathon
  • Mpumalanga Forever Resort cycle tour
  • Value logistics Fast one
  • Dischem Ride for sight
  • Mpumalanga junior Cycle tour
  • Panorama cycle tour (Mpumalanga)
  • Kremertart Classic (Louis Trichardt)
  • 94.7 MTB event
  • Carnival City Macsteel National Classic Road race
  • Carnival City Macsteel MTB race
  • VC Trailblazers(MTB)
  • Walkerville Classic (MTB)
  • Bestmed Boland Tour
  • Jozi Freedom Ride
  • Jock Cycle Tour
  • Clover Tour

If you would like to obtain more information or a proposal from The Road Rangers please do not hesitate in contacting us:

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