Have you entered for the 2019 Carnival City Macsteel National Classic Road Race and/or the MTB event?


New route
In 2018, we changed the route to ensure a safer, and more manageable route, that avoids the busy taxi routes from the townships to the greater Germiston and Joburg CBDs. We will once again have FULL ROAD CLOSURE for the final 15Km, as well as reduced-traffic zones along the route. Our event is also perfectly timed for you to use as preparation for the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg events, where you can test your nutrition, bike setup and fitness prior to Joburg’s biggest event. For the roadies, there are two distances to choose from, namely 110Km and 58Km, which should yield a similar time for both events. The MTB event is flat and fast, but certainly not to be under-estimated as quoted by Greg Lemond “It never gets easier; you just go faster.”.

Use our Road Closure page to stay up to date with the roads affected along the race route, which will be loaded on the Waze app. Parking lots are also loaded on Waze, for the cyclists to easily find their way to a convenient parking spot.


Prizes will be available as follows:

  • All full-licensed racing categories will share a prize purse of R50,000 (incl. the tandem categories in the 110Km event);
  • All participants that enter online stand a chance to win spot prizes at prize giving – listen out at the start for the details;
  • All participants with a Strava accountand access to upload their ride before prize giving, can compete for the fastest rider on two segments (110Km) or one segment (58Km). This is not limited to the single fastest person, but is available for a number of categories:
    • Fastest overall, male and female in both Road and MTB, both distances;
    • Fastest tandem;
    • Fastest e-Bike (they don’t qualify for the other categories above, but only this one);
    • 17 prizes in total spread across 2 segments (long distance) and 1 segment (short distance).
  • Trail runners can compete for the top 3 positions in each distance, for both male and female – and stand a chance to win a hamper. Top 3 in the 21Km event (both male and female) will be eligible for prize money.

As cyclists, Germiston Wheelers understand that safety on the route is important. As a club, we take part in a number of events around the country and get to see how other organisers run their event, and we always look to better their strong points, and avoid their weaker points. This would include placing a marshal at every intersection on the route, together with a traffic official at every traffic light intersection and the major 4-way intersections. We also employ the services of the Bestmed Road Rangers, and ensure there is one biker per start group. They are there to ensure riders keep left of the centre line, warn on-coming traffic to slow down as the bunches pass by, as well as assist traffic to safely pass the riders from behind.

While we would like to secure full road closure to provide a perceived “safer” race, crashes happen between cyclists often resulting in broken bones, road rash, broken bikes, and more. Safety is also the responsibility of the cyclists, in that they should ride in a safe and predictable manner. Don’t overlap wheels, avoid excessive braking, keep left of the centre line, ride within your ability even if it means sucking wheel in the wind rather than forming echelons that drift across the road.

Read our Latest News blogwhere we will be posting various articles on rider safety as well as what we do to ensure you have a safe route to ride on.


The main purpose of the event is to raise money for local charities, particularly in support of Rotary Projects, The Rotary Foundation and the further development of amateur cycling in South Africa. Through this event the organisers have been able make significant donations to many very needy charities, particularly in Ekurhuleni.

For every R10 donated, during the online entry process, gets you an entry into the lucky draw. Prizes for this will be announced on the website, so please bookmark the page, and keep in touch with us through our social media links:

Hospitality & Post-event Entertainment
The usual post-race food and drinks (including a craft beer & gin stall, and Seattle Coffee) will be on sale on the Festival Lawns at Carnival City. Clubs can book a gazebo spot, and provide club members with an opportunity to relax, socialise and enjoy the post-race festivities. Clubs can book a gazebo spot – click here

Online entries and event details

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