Kiddies race details

kiddies-race-entry-form-1The November 2016 edition of the Carnival City Macsteel National Classic includes the kiddies races, with the MTB event taking place on Saturday (05 November), and the normal “road” ride taking place on Sunday (06 November).

Kiddies can chose between a 6Km and 12Km route within the grounds of Carnival City.

Each kid will receive a medal, a cool drink as well as a chance to win some really awesome prizes from our generous sponsors:

Carnival City, Macsteel, Merv’s Hardware, Tour de Frans Cycles, Panarottis, Spur, SSC, Sausage Saloon, Germiston Wheelers, Jurgens Bekker Attorneys, Germiston Rotary, the Magic Company, Clockwork Properties, Road Lodge, Ocean Basket, Fego and London Pie.

One adult will be allowed to accompany the younger kids on a shorter loop of about 500-600m.

Enter online at for the MTB Kiddies ride, or download the entry form.

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