To participate in this event, you need to consent to the Conditions of Entry during the online entry process. This page is a copy of the rules and regulations.


  1. This event is run in accordance with the rules of Cycling South Africa;
  2. All participants undertake to adhere to these rules as well as all rules of the event;
  3. In particular, riders are reminded that the following CSA rules are applicable:

CSA Rule 3.20.12: The use of electronic timing devices for all competitors / categories shall be compulsory. The service provider shall timeously produce provisional results and update these once the official results have been made available by the Chief Commissaire / Race Director.

CSA Rule 3.46.1: All riders will be obliged to wear the timing gear used in all categories of the races (if utilised by the organiser).

CSA Rule 3.46.2: The commissaires will do all placing of riders, but may use the electronic timing results to assist to determine final positioning.

  1. All participants are required to have a valid CSA Membership at the time of participating in the event. If you do not have a valid CSA Membership at the time on online entry, you will be required to purchase a day License for the event.


  1. The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled for safety reasons.
  2. No entry fees or product purchases will be refunded once your payment has been processed. After you have accepted these terms and finalised your payment, your entry will be confirmed and cannot be cancelled.
  3. All entrants accept that they participate entirely at their own risk and agree that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the race organisers, officials, volunteers, service providers, sponsors and any other individuals involved with the event from any liability or claim resulting from any damage, loss or injury as a result of taking part in this event.
  4. Entrants accept responsibility for payment of any transaction made by Credit Card and reversed by the bank for any reason.
  5. An approved hard shell cycling helmet is compulsory, while tri-bars are not permitted in any form.
  6. CyclingSA have announced that DISK BRAKES on road bikes are banned. Please note that this applies to all riders in the licensed categories (All youth, Junior, U23, Elite, Master/Vets 30-39, 40-49, 50+, male and female). This rule will remain in force until CyclingSA announce a change.
  7. The race route and profile are available on this website, and although the route will be well marked, it is the sole and personal responsibility of every entrant to know the route. The organisers take no responsibility for persons deviating from the route, or any consequences of such action.
  8. Cyclists must ride in a predictable and responsible manner and obey the traffic rules, traffic officers and marshals. Cyclists may be required to stop at intersections if necessary.
  9. All cyclists must keep to the left hand lane. Any rider crossing the centre line (whether physically painted or not, will be disqualified. This rule will be strictly enforced).
  10. No person under the age of 12 years may enter the 103km event and no person under the age of 10 years may enter the 65km event. All minors must have parental consent.
  11. Racetec is the official race timing system. All participants in this timed events is required to have a valid Racetec chip (Road event), and/or RaceTec MTB Board (MTB event) registered in their name and correctly attached to their bike:
    1. For Road event: on the front fork of their bike by means of the appropriate bike clip, or around your fork for the full duration of the event.
    2. For the MTB event: the number board mounted on the handlebars for the duration of the event.


      Results will not be manually captured as a result of participants not using a correct timing chip or incorrectly attaching the timing chip.  Timing chips can be validated during registration. Without an official timing chip you will not be eligible for prize money.

  12. Anyone starting ahead of his/her seeded time will be disqualified.
  13. Licensed riders taking part in the open/seeded categories will not be eligible to claim any cash/voucher prize should they finish in the top 3 positions of the groups AL or AM. The start list will be checked with the CyclingSA database and an announcement made before your start.
  14. Race numbers must be worn low down on back of each participant’s jersey.
  15. No participant may allow anyone else to use his/her number. Any per person who permits anyone else to use his/her number as well as the person using the number could be suspended for two years. Substitutions can be arranged for the prescribed fee of R100.00 per entry at registration.
  16. Cyclists are to ensure that their cycles are in good working order and it is recommended that they carry spares.
  17. All entrants must complete the course by 12:00 (MTB events) and 13:00 (Road events) at which time the marshals and traffic officials will withdraw from the routes.
  18. No participant may, directly or indirectly, take food or drink or any other assistance from any moving vehicle, bicycle or machine, at any time along the route.
  19. Cyclists must pull off the road to receive refreshments.
  20. No seconding will be allowed from private vehicles. Only team support vehicles authorised by the Race Director will be permitted on the route.
  21. Slipstreaming behind vehicles is not permitted.
  22. Sweep vehicles and emergency medical assistance will be patrolling the race route.
  23. Although the organisers endeavour to place marshals at all possible intersections, participants must realise that they are sharing the route with normal traffic and should take care and should abide by the normal traffic rules, traffic lights and stop streets.
  24. Cash and prizes will be awarded in accordance with the prize list. Prize giving for the licensed categories will commence at approximately 10:00, pending receipt of official results from the CSA officials. Category winners must be present at the prize giving ceremony. Prize giving will continue until all categories have received their prizes.
  25. The validity of cash prizes closes on 31 January 2018, by which time all prizes must be claimed.
  26. The rules stated above are binding and the organisers, referees and traffic authorities’ ruling will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  27. The judges’ decision is final.
  28. Failure to comply with any of the rules of this event will result in disqualification.
  29. By entering the event the entrant confirms that they abide by the rules and general conditions of entry for this race and that he/she is medically fit to complete the event, and that their cycle used is in a roadworthy condition.
  30. The ride will start on time, as advertised, and continue at pre-determined intervals thereafter according to the published start times. Ensure that you arrive early to avoid disappointment.
  31. Final results will be found on the Racetec website.
  32. All entrants accept that their officially recorded race time may be made available to CSA and any other affiliated race organiser to use for seeding purposes.

Note: Updated rules have been added/amended, in red, as follows:

  • 2017/06/10 – Rule 6 (Disk brakes on road bikes);
  • 2017/08/03 – Rule 11 (MTB number board added)