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Online entries are closed 

Late entries can be done at the number collection points listed below.

Our core objectives for the event is to:

  1. Raise funds for charity, particularly in support of local Rotary Community Projects, The Rotary Foundation and Germiston Wheelers’ charities.
  2. Fund the development of amateur cycling, and;
  3. To ensure we run a safe event.

Point 1 remains unchanged. These charities continue to be supported by our event every year.

This year, to meet our objective for point 2, we are reducing entry fees (by 30%) for all participants that are 19 years and younger (as of 31 December 2018). This is a Germiston Wheelers initiative for giving back in order to encourage and develop riders for the future of the sport.

Point 3 is our safety objective. Each year we look to improve the safety of participants, and have decided to make a big change in 2018 … a brand new route, one that we believe will have less traffic, especially the big trucks that frequent the R42 between Heidelberg and Nigel.

Parts of this new route will have “traffic-free” or “reduced traffic-free” zones. At this point in time, we cannot guarantee FULL ROAD CLOSURE, but want to reduce the volume of traffic driving on certain parts of the route. Read more about this in our blog posts.

Basic Entry DetailsSeeding Event

  • When: Sunday, 28 October 2018
  • Time: from 06:00
  • Distances (Cost):
    • 110 Km – R330 + R50 (for late entries) per rider*
    • 58 Km – R250 + R50 (for late entries) per rider*
    • Developing riders – as part of our “giving back initiative” to support the development of cycling, all kids (male and female) aged 19 years and younger (at 31 December 2018) qualify for R100 discount on the entry. Entries are linked to the kid’s ID number, and proof of ID must be presented at number collection.* tandem riders need to pay both both riders when entering

      Online entries close on 15 October 2018.
  • Categories & Prizes:
    • 110Km (Elite/U23, Junior, Vets Men 30+, 40+ and 50+), all woman, Tandems Men and Mixed.
    • 58Km (U17 Boys & Girls, U15 Boys & Girls) – late notice from CyclingSA Technical to move the U17 Boys to the 58Km event.
      No cash prizes will be awarded in the open categories – but make sure you’re at prize giving for the lucky draw.
  • Number collection:
    • Wednesday, 24 October 2018 (09:00 – 17:00) at CycleLab, Lynnwood, Pretoria;
    • Thursday, 25 October 2018 (09:00- 17:00) at CycleLab Megastore, Fourways;
    • Friday, 26 October 2018 (09:00 – 17:00) at CycleLab, Boksburg;
    • Saturday, 27 October 2018 (08:00 – 14:00) at Carnival City;
    • Sunday, 28 October 2018 (05:00 – 07:00) at Carnival City.
  • Race timing: done by Racetec
  • Water points:
    • 110Km – 4 on the route, plus one at the finish;
    • 58Km – 2 on the route, plus one at the finish.
  • Results will be available to view at the finish line at regular intervals, with prize giving planned to start once each category podium is complete.


110Km Route

After more than 12 years of riding the same route, we’ve made some changes, which also incorporates our plan to get more road closure. The race is still a PREMIER SEEDING event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour,  and ideal preparation for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, as it takes place 3 weeks before the Cycle Challenge.

     58Km route (Red only), 110Km (red+blue)

The final 15Km of the route remains the same, as does certain sections of the course. However, we’ve changed the route from counter-clockwise to clockwise, which means 2 more right hand turns that before. The distance also increases from 103Km to 110Km. Elevation increases slightly from 623m to 669m over the course.

We’re unable to secure FULL ROAD CLOSURE for 2018, but have managed to obtain sections we’d like to call TRAFFIC FREE ZONES. These sections are spread out over the course, in sections varying between 3-15Km in length.

  • 4 Water points on the route, plus recovery drinks available at the finish;
  • Prizes paid out for the following categories (min. 5 riders per category):
    • Elite/U23/Junior men (top 10);
    • Vet Men 30/40/50+ (top 3);
    • Elite and Vet Woman (top 10);
    • Tandems Mixed (top 3);
    • Tandems Male (top 3).

The route file is now available to download, and used on your GPS.

3D Route Profile


58Km Route

The short distance event, also has the same changes as the 109Km event, with the route following the first 42Km before turning right on the R23 back to Carnival City. Elevation gain also increases from 320m to 367m (with two challenging bumps for some at about 36Km and 39Km into the route). Please note that this distance IS NOT a seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

  • 2 Water points own the route, plus recovery drinks available at the finish;
  • Prizes* paid out for the following categories (min. 5 riders per category):
    • U17 Boys (top 3);
    • U17 Girls (top 3);
    • U15 Boys (top 3);
    • U15 Girls (top 3);
    • U11-13 Boys/Girls (dependant on numbers).

The route file is now available to download, and used on your GPS.

3D Route Profile


Prize Money

The following category winners will be eligible to win prize money, as follows:

Prize money

*Note: Prizes are subject to change, and will be updated on the website. Final confirmation will be available at registration venues. Junior category subject to CyclingSA Technical Committee approval to race the long distance.

*Note: Cash prizes are paid out by EFT. Prize winners receive a claim form at prize giving.

*No finish-line prize for Open categories, but there will be lucky draw prizes for the mass participation cyclists.