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On Saturday, 18 August 2018, Germiston Wheelers will be hosting a ride along both road race routes (110Km and 58Km). Cyclists are welcome to join us for the first of two rides before race day, giving you the chance to see the route before racing it in October.

110Km (red + blue), 58Km (red only)

The route is split into two sections, red and blue (see image left). The 110Km route follows the first 42Km on the red route, before turning left on the blue route towards Heidelberg, while the 58Km route turns right at 42Km and heads north towards Carnival City on the R23.

Once the blue section of the 110Km is complete, riders turn left onto the R23 and follow the final 15Km back to Carnival City.

The route is mostly flat in the first 30Km, before a few undulating hills (bumps) have to be negotiated. The road surface, in general, is in good condition and being a figure of 8 style route, there will always be a headwind, crosswinds and a tailwind.

Start time

  • Cyclists doing the 110Km route need to meet at Carnival City at 06:45 (ready to ride);
  • Be self-sufficient, i.e. carry sufficient hydration, nutrition and spares (punctures);
  • Ride in a safe, and orderly manner – the roads are live, and all rules of the road need to be adhered to;
  • This is a ride, not a race – so we will need to stay together. The group can split, if the natural abilities differ too much. This will be communicated while on the ride.

More Information

48@2xJoin the Carnival City Macsteel National Classic group on Strava, to get further updates, and also see how you compare to other riders, while training as well as on race day.


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