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Road Race prize winners

Winners Winners of the various categories for 2019 are listed below: Prize giving winners from today’s Carnival City Macsteel National Classic Cycle Race: Strava Hotspots Winners were based on ride uploaded by 11:00 on Sunday *prize claimed at prize giving 110Km Male Hotspot 1 – Louis Visser Hotspot 2 – Louis Visser   110Km Female Hotspot 1 – Joanna van…

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Bestmed Road Rangers

Since 2010 Road Rangers have been actively involved in providing professional marshalling services at a number of cycling events and tours. Typical Services offered: Closed Road Cycle Races Partial Road Closure Cycle Races Cycle Tours (road) Mountain Bike Races Safety and Medical – Road Rangers are not MEDICS and only some are first aid qualified (this is not a primary focus)…

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Kiddies race details

The November 2016 edition of the Carnival City Macsteel National Classic includes the kiddies races, with the MTB event taking place on Saturday (05 November), and the normal “road” ride taking place on Sunday (06 November). Kiddies can chose between a 6Km and 12Km route within the grounds of Carnival City. Each kid will receive a medal, a cool drink…

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