2020 events cancelled

See you back in October 2021 After exhaustive, but sadly unsuccessful pursuit of alternates, it is with regret that the organisers of the Germiston Classic have decided to cancel the 2020 events. The primary reason is SAFETY. The safety of our naming sponsors, Carnival City and Macsteel, participating cyclists, the public at large, volunteers, recipients of

Road Race prize winners

Winners Winners of the various categories for 2019 are listed below: Prize giving winners from today’s Carnival City Macsteel National Classic Cycle Race: Strava Hotspots Winners were based on ride uploaded by 11:00 on Sunday *prize claimed at prize giving 110Km Male Hotspot 1 – Louis Visser Hotspot 2 – Louis Visser   110Km Female

Amended results – VC group

The race committee has taken a decision to impose a lifetime ban on Mr Mohammed Hajjam. This is effective for all future versions of the Germiston Classic, aka Carnival City Macsteel National Classic. As a result, amended results were updated on the accordingly on Racetec’s website as well as our own records. He was classified